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Preparing Your Landscape for Winter

Sunshine Landscaping offers a complete selection of services to help your landscape manage the challenges of Winter to help ensure beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs for the coming seasons.

Properly removing diseased branches and leaf litter closes a major channel for insects and disease entering and destroying your trees and shrubs.

The Advantages of Winter Pruning for Your Trees

With the leaves gone, it is easier to identify structural problems, visualize a new growth strategy for the tree and correct poorly formed limbs and stems. In addition, when the ground is frozen, less damage is done to the lawn.

If you have young trees, Winter is a particularly good time to shape and train them. It is much safer and more economical to initiate pruning while trees are still small. Some skill is required to make pruning cuts in the proper spot, so the plant heals correctly and to prevent injury from pruning.

Shaping trees and shrubs is an art, with the arborist using the tree as his canvas. First, the dead, diseased, and damaged branches are removed. Then, excess growth is reduced, by selectively removing poorly formed crotches and crossing branches. The end result of structural pruning is crowded branches are selectively removed and the size and shape of the tree is controlled, promoting the long-term health of your trees and shrubs.

Winters in New England are hard on your trees. It is when Mother Nature does most of her pruning, if you haven’t done it first. As snow and ice build up on limbs and branches, they break under the heavy load. Professional pruning before Winter starts gives you the opportunity to beat Mother Nature to the punch.

Rejuvenation of Neglected, Damaged, and Overgrown Shrubs

Your shrubs frequently face the same hazards that trees face as the snow and ice build up in their branches. Often shrubs are placed where they will not have enough room to mature, and if neglected will grow to overwhelm the site or hide architectural features of your home.

Hemlock, White Pine and other hedges will get out of hand in not pruned every 2-5 years. On the other hand, constantly shearing plants into tight and unnatural shapes means the inner branches are ignored, allowing them to become weak, unhealthy and misshapen.

Sunshine Landscaping professionals will thin and open up the shrub, revealing its beauty and creating a healthier more natural, feathered look.

Plant health care systems are a combination of important agricultural practices including judicious pruning, insect and disease protection, proper nutrition, replenishing soil organic matter, applying mulches, and adjusting pH levels. Research proves that a balanced fertilization program helps plants survive drought conditions, thrive better during stress and maintain health and vigor. Applications of horticultural oil will smother over-wintering insects and their eggs.

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