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With 40 years in business, Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. is committed to taking care of the residents in the Worcester, MA community. Whether you need to get your property ready for summer or it’s time to pack it all in for the winter months, we’re here to help. 


Spring clean-ups give your property and lawn the best start to the summer season. Meanwhile, fall clean-ups help prepare your property for the cooler months. At Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc., we use only the very best equipment available to maintain your property and provide exceptional services each and every time.

As members of local and national landscaping and green industry associations, our team constantly stays up to date with the latest industry knowledge and trends. With us, you know you’re in good hands. Allow Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. to take care of your spring and fall clean-up and debris removal needs. Contact us today!

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Service Process

To ensure your service is completed when needed, we ask that you make sure all gates are unlocked and the necessary areas are easily accessible. Any pets or dogs should be kept inside so that our crews can focus on the task at hand and do an efficient and effective job. All cars, furniture, and toys should be kept out of the way to avoid damage or obstacles.

During any spring or fall clean-up service, you don’t even need to be home! We can come by and get your clean-up done with minimal contact.

On the day of your service, four team members will arrive on your property. All of our team members are trained to professionally manicure your property, which means we don’t miss any areas or leave any debris behind. We strive to deliver the WOW factor every time!

Typically, a fall or spring clean-up takes our four-man crew a couple of hours to complete. When our crew arrives on your property, they have the Service Autopilot app to refer to for all necessary services and notes.

We also follow OSHA guidelines and safety standards and ensure all of our crew has personal protection equipment. Additionally, all of the debris is removed and disposed of by our crews.


For fall clean-ups, our trucks are outfitted with a canopy to collect leaves, as well as a vacuum loader on the trailer to load the leaves onto the truck. Every crew also has a selection of blowers, trimmers, leaf plows, grass collectors, tarps, and rakes. Each clean-up job is completed by mowing and manicuring your lawn for a short winter height.

Typically, fall clean-ups are complete during November and December, depending on what trees are located on your property (certain trees may take longer for the leaves to come down). Please note that fall clean-ups don’t include edging, fine gardening, or detailing of ornamental beds.


For spring clean-ups, we include a thorough detailing of the property, including power raking, mowing, manicuring of the beds, edging of the walkways, and trimming with weed whackers. Before your spring clean-up service, we will have a conversation with you regarding any winter damage, such as damage to shrubs and plow damage.

Please note that spring clean-ups do not include lawn and shrub fertilization. If these are required, there is an additional fee.

How Do I Get Started?


Fill out our online form, email us, or give us a call.



We can provide a quote on the phone. In some cases, we may need to schedule a site visit.



Upon your approval of the price estimate, we complete your fall or spring clean-up within one to two weeks.


Pricing Details


Residential Fall and Spring Clean-Ups: Start at a minimum of $300
(Most clean-ups fall between $400 and $600)

Large multiple clean-ups can cost over $1000, depending on the property. Disposal and removal of debris are included unless there are more than 30 gallons.

Any large branches that need to be removed from the Asian Long-Horned Beetle Quarantine zone requiring a chipper have an additional charge.

Commercial properties also typically cost more for the above services since they are larger in size. You can either prepay or keep a credit card on file for payment after your service is completed.


Sunshine’s Customer Experience is Complete Satisfaction… Guaranteed

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our services. We are proud to deliver all of our spring and fall cleanup services with honesty and integrity. Ultimately, we want you to be ‘WOW’d with our communication, delivery, and award-winning services — each and every time. If we make a promise, we will keep it. If we make a mistake or fall short of your expectations, we will fix it and work with you until you are satisfied.

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Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality lawn care, landscaping, and snow services in the City of Worcester and surrounding areas, including Leicester (Cherry Valley and Rochdale), Holden, Auburn, Boylston, West Boylston, Grafton, Millbury, Sutton, and North Shrewsbury.

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