The first and most important things to consider are Soil Testing, liming, proper fertilizing and adding Humic Acid and Liquid AERIFY! to your lawn care program.  These techniques and treatments will develop a deeper root system to buffer the turf plant from stress, enhance the color of the turf, especially entering winter dormancy and quicker green-up in the spring and thicken the lawn by establishing new plants from rhizomes and tillers.

Neglecting your lawn problems now and waiting until spring to repair the lawn is a foolish choice, as crabgrass and weeds are much better at competing with newly seeded lawns in the spring.  Dormant seeding in December can give your lawn a head start on seedling germination when the snow melts.

Why Test Soil?

Here are five good reasons!

Nutrient levels – Test results provide you with soil nutrient levels and fertilizer recommendations when needed.

Soil Acidity – Soil pH and exchangeable acidity are measured for the determination of lime requirements.

Environmental Protection – Test results identify areas with excess nutrients that can pollute local waterways.

Economics – You buy soil amendments only when needed, avoiding unnecessary spending.

Health – Soil testing can help protect you and your family by alerting you to elevated levels of lead or other toxic heavy metals.

Soil tests do not identify plant growth problems associated with soil drainage, insects, plant diseases (whether soil-borne or not), weeds, winter injury or the misuse of pesticides.


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