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Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc.

With 40 years in business, Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. is dedicated to sustainable and environmentally-friendly lawn care and landscaping installation services in Worcester, MA. We attribute our success to our loyal and dedicated customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to continue to do what we love and continue to serve the Worcester community and surrounding areas for many more decades to come.

At Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc., we pride ourselves on our pruning services in Worcester and surrounding areas. We don’t just shear shrubs into balls or other unappealing shapes. Rather, we fine prune them by hand, ensuring your property looks its absolute best.

With Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc., you can rest assured your property is in good hands. Our team is knowledgeable and takes great care. In fact, we treat your property as though it were our own. Schedule your pruning service today.

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Service Process

Your fine pruning service typically involves three crew members and usually will take our team about a half day to complete.

We start by carefully evaluating the shrubs to uncover where the cuts need to be made and how we want to re-shape the plant so that it will have a good strategy for growth in the coming years. Our crews then divide up the job, determining who will prune which shrubs and who will use what piece of equipment.

Upon completion, our crews perform a flawless clean-up, loading the chipper to reduce the branches that need to be removed. From there, our hope is that your shrubs will grow into happy, healthy, and beautiful plants across your property.



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Once you approve the quote, we can start your service within three weeks.

Pricing Details

Depending on the number of shrubs that need trimming, pricing varies. The cost may range from $600 to $2000. 


Sunshine’s Customer Experience is Complete Satisfaction... Guaranteed

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our services. We are proud to deliver all of our horticultural services with honesty and integrity. Ultimately, we want you to be ‘WOW’d with our communication, delivery, and award-winning services — each and every time. If we make a promise, we will keep it. If we make a mistake or fall short of your expectations, we will fix it and work with you until you are satisfied.

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Areas We Serve

Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality lawn care, landscaping, and snow services in the City of Worcester and surrounding areas, including Leicester (Cherry Valley and Rochdale), Holden, Auburn, Boylston, West Boylston, Grafton, Millbury, Sutton, and North Shrewsbury.

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