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The Early Spring service provides the required nutrients to start your lawn on the right track after a long winter season. Controlled release nitrogen and potassium are applied for sustained growth, hardiness and green-up throughout the Spring. This treatment also provides pre-emergent crabgrass control, which stops seeds from germinating. Broadleaf weeds will be controlled as needed. To prepare lawns for the first treatment, a light raking of the lawn and removing the sticks will be sufficient. While power raking, thatching or aerating are beneficial, they are not necessary for the fertilizer program to be effective. Pre-emergent crabgrass control creates a barrier on top of the soil that prevents roots from developing when seedlings germinate. Normal raking of the lawn after this application will not alter its effectiveness. However, a mechanical procedure that vigorously disturbs the top half inch of soil could break-up the protective barrier. Since this treatment will prevent seeds from germinating, the barrier should be broken up and new loam applied to successfully grow new desirable turf seedlings.

Late Spring Treatment 

The Late Spring service continues to provide seasonal nutrient needs and broadleaf weed controls as required. Damaging surface insects will be controlled as needed. Crabgrass control will be applied to problem areas to prevent infestation later in the summer.

Preventative White Grub Control 

This preventative service to control white grubs is highly suggested for sunny lawns in the central Massachusetts area because of the prevalence of chronic grub populations. Several species of grubs have been infesting lawns and a systemic application with Merit will provide season long preventative protection from one of our most destructive pests. When possible we will provide the Grub treatment at the same time as our Late Spring Treatment. This treatment should be watered-in with a half inch of water for optimal control.

Fungus and Disease Control 

Diseases often break out in late spring. If your lawn becomes infected there will be an additional charge based on the chemical and amount needed. Fungicides DO NOT turn the grass green again, the brown spots will green-up as the grass begins to re-grow and the lawn heals itself. Consider scheduling a preventative application to extend the rich, green look of your spring lawn.


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