Providing Sustainable Landscaping and Snow Removal Services to the City of Worcester and Surrounding Areas since 1982


About the Owner

As the Founder and Owner of Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc., Stephen Crowe has been delivering impeccable landscaping, lawn care, and snow removal services to Worcester and surrounding towns since 1982. With over 25 years in business, Steve understands the intricate details of transforming and taking care of any outdoor space.

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts with an Honors Degree from the College of Food and Natural Resources, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, majoring in Turf Agronomy, Steve knew he wanted to dedicate his life to making the planet a better place and improving the environment.

At this time, Steve pondered going back to graduate school, but never managed to find the right opportunity to do so. He quickly realized that managing each customer’s yard through sustainable landscaping and lawn care services was an opportunity to enhance the world around him and potentially give back to the planet. Eventually, this led Steve to start his own business, which is known today as Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc.

Throughout the past 40 years, Steve has put his knowledge regarding the complex workings of soil and the environment to good use. Through the use of Holganix for all of Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc.’s fertilizer programs, Steve has managed to greatly reduce the company’s input of pesticides into the environment.

With the company’s efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle, Steve and his team have managed to eliminate over half of their waste stream. Steve says, “Using the town’s recycling center to dispose of paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass takes time, but it is worth it to me to recycle similar to natural processes like the carbon and nitrogen cycle and how water cycles through the ground and back to the clouds.”

Today, Steve continues to be Worcester’s expert in the lawn and landscaping industry. He works alongside his team to continually enhance the local community with sustainable landscaping and environmentally friendly services, while striving to make the planet a better place.

About the Company

Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. was founded as Stephen L Crowe DBA Sunshine Landscaping Company in March, 1982. Keeping it simple at the beginning, the company initially only mowed lawns and offered landscaping maintenance.

As the company grew, snow removal services were added in 1988, along with a complete range of Horticultural and Landscape services throughout the 1990s. The company eventually became Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. in January, 2014.

Today, Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc is proud to serve the City of Worcester, Massachusetts and surrounding towns with their core services including landscaping installation, landscaping maintenance, lawn mowing, lawn care, hand pruning, and snow removal.

Stephen Crowe and his team consider themselves stewards of the environment, leading the way when it comes to sustainable landscape solutions and practices — going green long before it was mainstream. In fact, Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. sends all of their green waste, grass clippings, and leaves to local farms or the town composting area, continuing to find ways to preserve natural resources, improve water conservation, and reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. lives by the philosophy of leaving the planet a better place by doing what they do best. With a team that enjoys the great outdoors and getting each job done efficiently, effectively, and up to every client’s expectations, Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. continues to ride the cutting edge of technology and innovation, transforming the way landscaping is done.

Our Vision

To leave the planet a better place by being the leader for sustainable landscape and lawn care in the Worcester, MA area.

Our Mission

To provide environmentally-friendly and sustainable horticultural services by doing quality work that continually exceeds our customer’s expectations and by getting it right the first time.

Company Awards and Certifications

  • Stephen Crowe received the Beacon Award from the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals, their highest award.
  • Stephen has been a Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional since 1993.
  • Stephen is a Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist (MCH) and member of the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association.
  • Stephen Crowe and Shawn LaMontagne are Certified Pesticide applicators in Massachusetts
  • 2010 The Landmark Readers Choice Award Best Landscaper

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Sunshine’s Customer Experience is Complete Satisfaction... Guaranteed

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our services. We are proud to deliver all of our horticultural services with honesty and integrity. Ultimately, we want you to be ‘WOW’d with our communication, delivery, and award-winning services — each and every time. If we make a promise, we will keep it. If we make a mistake or fall short of your expectations, we will fix it and work with you until you are satisfied.

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Areas We Serve

Sunshine Landscaping Co, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality lawn care, landscaping, and snow services in the City of Worcester and surrounding areas, including Leicester (Cherry Valley and Rochdale), Holden, Auburn, Boylston, West Boylston, Grafton, Millbury, Sutton, and North Shrewsbury.

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