Sunshine's Turf Specialties - Classic Lawncare Program

Summer Lawn Treatment

Summer Treatment is comprised of 2 parts:

  1. Summer Treatment (R3)

    During the heat of summer plants require special attention. This granular treatment provides increased Potassium and controlled release nitrogen to help guard against summer drought and turf diseases without stressing the grass plant.

    Problems that are dealt with during the summer include Yellow Nutsedge, a warm season perennial weed. Nutsedges have a light green color, upright growth habit and grow faster than the surrounding grass species, resulting in a non-uniform stand of grass. Controlling Yellow Nutsedge is difficult because each plant produces small root tubers. If you try to pull the weeds the tubers will be left behind to produce new plants. Common grass and broadleaf herbicides will not control Yellow Nutsedge; several applications of specialized herbicides may be required for successful control.

    Post emergent crabgrass control may be necessary as rainy weather can break up the preventative barrier, allowing seeds to germinate as the weather warms. Outbreaks of spotted spurge are common at this time and we will spot treat for these problems.
  2. Late Summer Treatment (R4)

    Treatment encourages continued rebound from summer stress. At this time of the season turfgrass plants are regenerating both leaf blades and root system expansion. Granular or liquid turf fertilizer will continue to bolster turfgrass recovery. Broadleaf weeds and surface insects will be controlled as required.

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