Pruning is essential in taking care of trees 



 Rejuvenation of Neglected, Damaged and Overgrown Shrubs:

Winters in New England are hard on your landscape plantings.  Snow and ice builds up on branches causing them to break under such heavy loads.  Structural pruning can greatly minimize the possibility of damage, especially to susceptible trees such as Magnolias, Crab Apples and Dogwoods.  Shaping trees and shrubs is an art, with the arborist using the tree as his canvas.  With the leaves gone, it is easier to identify structural problems and visualize a new growth strategy for the tree by correcting poorly formed limbs and crotches.  Skill is required to make pruning cuts in the proper location, so the plant heals correctly. 

Winter is the perfect time to initiate pruning on young trees, to remove poorly growing branches and correct narrow V-shaped crotches.  It is easier, safer and more economical than pruning older, larger trees.                                                            

Often shrubs are poorly placed where they will not have enough room to mature, and if neglected will overwhelm the site or hide the fine architectural features of your home.  Constant shearing into tight, formal shapes means the inner branches get ignored, allowing them to become weak and misshapen.  Hemlock, White Pine and other hedges will get out of hand if not pruned every 2-5 years.  Our team of professionals will thin and open up the shrub, revealing its beauty and creating a healthier more natural, feathered look.

Lawn/Shrub Health Care Programs: 

A combination of important cultural practices will help your landscape plantings survive the challenges of winter.  Research proves that a balanced fertilization program helps plants survive drought and stress conditions, and maintain their health and vigor.  Mulching, replenishing soil organic matter and adjusting pH levels are also part of proper nutrition.  Judicious pruning of diseased branches and removal of leaf litter helps prevent organisms that cause decay from entering the plant.  Applications of horticultural oil will smother over-wintering insects and their eggs.  Take advantage of our many winter prep services to ensure beautiful, healthy trees and flowering shrubs for you to enjoy next spring and several months ahead.  


Long Term Landscaping:

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Perennial flowers are an amazingly versatile and rewarding addition to any garden.  Blooming year after year perennials can be chosen for visual appeal, function, flavor or scent and those that attract butterflies and wildlife. 

Strategically placed and carefully planned, a perennial garden enhances your lifestyle and landscape.  


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Selected according to blooming season and color schemes, perennials can provide a never-ending array of hues and textures. 

Ask us about adding a perennial display of color and enhancement to your garden area. Color can also enhance a landscaping predominantly. There's an artfullness about using and displaying color in the garden. 



Deep Root Fertilization of ornamental trees and shrubs: 

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Research proves that a balanced fertilization program helps plants survive drought conditions, thrive better during stress and maintain health and vigor.

Fall is the time of year to focus on enhanced shrub care programs to help your landscape plantings survive the challenges of winter.



Adding a brighter focus:

Landscape Lighting will bring your home and grounds to life after dark.  Magically, hidden lights illuminate flowers and trees, casting moving shadows in the balmy evening breezes. The evening features of your home are dramatically enhanced in eye catching detail. 

A soft wash of light allows safe passage to walks and entrances. Safe, economical outdoor lighting provides beauty and security for your well-lit grounds.













  • Snow and Ice Management (Dedicated Member of SIMA)
  • Winter overcoat for Evergreens, with an Anti-Desiccant Spray
  • Gutter Clean-Out
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Fall Grounds Manicuring and Clean up
  • Weeding, Cultivating and Detailing of Ornamental Beds
  • Soil and pH testing
  • Lime Application





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