Professional Landscaping Improves Your Life and Your Home

Great impressions, stand up above the rest. Be the envy of your neighbor!

Have you ever considered the impact of a well-maintained landscape on the impression of your home? Rearranging or upgrading the existing shrubs, adding lighting or a water garden, are innovative ways of enhancing the first and most lasting impression of your home and its worth.

When properly carried out, a landscape design adds year-round color and interest, decreasing noise levels, aiding energy conservation, and creating a more soothing, relaxed and inviting environment in which to live.

Sunshine Landscaping follows a solid plan of action to develop the best landscape design for you. Consideration is given to hardiness of plant material, minimizing maintenance requirements and putting the right plant in the right place.

With 25 years of experience, Sunshine Landscaping uses quality materials and craftsmanship to produce a natural balance that can be effectively maintained to enhance your home, its value and your quality of life.

Flowers for color and beauty!

Perennial flowers are an amazingly versatile and rewarding addition to any garden. Blooming year after year perennials can be chosen for visual appeal, function, flavor or scent. Select varieties that will add fragrance to the garden, attract butterflies or plant an herb garden to add a little flavor to your cooking.

Strategically placed and carefully planned, a perennial garden enhances your lifestyle and landscape. Selected according to blooming season and color schemes, perennials can provide a never-ending array of hues and textures. Call us today to add a splash of color to your shade garden or enhance a border planting.


Landscape Lighting Systems

Bring your home and grounds to life after dark. Magically, hidden lights illuminate flowers and trees, casting moving shadows in the balmy evening breezes. The evening features of your home are dramatically enhanced in eye catching detail. A soft wash of light allows safe passage to walks and entrances. Safe, economical outdoor lighting provides beauty and security for your well-lit grounds.


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