What does it all mean?


To go GREEN can refer to many different ways you and your family can choose more environmentally friendly behaviors over those that are less environmentally friendly. Going green can mean small steps, that you and your family can gradually replace a few things you do on a regular basis, with other things you can do that won't cause such debt or harm to the environment.

Sometimes people as well as organizations, make a choice to go green in very large ways, by replacing a number of systems or behaviors with ones that will either be helpful, or at least not harmful, to the planet. Are you one of those people...or business owners that could be....should be thinking about that?

It's fairly easy to attempt to go green in some capacity or another. In your own household, for example, there are plenty of ways of going GREEN and staying GREEN. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Replacing basic light bulbs with fluorescent ones can be a great place to start because they save energy and reduce omissions into the environment
  • Recyle! Recyle! Recycle! Recycling anything you can. Cans, paper, bottles etc. 
  • Planting certain drought resistant plants, requiring less water
  • Start a compost pile in your yard some where...that would be a huge benefit to the environment, by keeping organic material out of the waste stream.
  • Try using less heat or air conditioning, by adding a layer of clothing or reducing clothing.
  • Try Carpooling or invest in hybrid vehicles.

These are just a few things we can suggest to you and your family on how to begin a GREEN program in your home or business. There are a lot more things you can find that will also help you to be green, we are just suggesting a few that we think are essential to at least begin a GREEN campaign in your life, today.