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Environmentally Responsible Grub Control and Prevention

Posted by Steve Crowe on Fri, May 30, 2014


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“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

At Sunshine Landscaping our goal is always to serve our customers with not only the most professional lawn care service available in the industry but to provide timely and educational material to help you make informed decisions about your landscaping needs.  At this time of year it is appropriate to talk about “grubs” and the potential damage to untreated lawns.  Early detection and preventive measures are the best medicine for eliminating the Japanese beetle and other grubs from infesting your lawn this summer.

Great industry progress has been made in this area with new products now being used that are effective treatments with low impact on non-target organisms including birds, honey bees, fish and mammals.  Along with timely fertilizer and soil treatments Sunshine Landscaping has made the professional decision to incorporate DuPont™ Acelepryn® into our program.  This is the first product to combine comprehensive control of insect pests with the lowest application rates, without being required by the EPA to include a “Signal Word” on the label, and to be gentle on the environment and our applicators. Sunshine believes that the benefits provided by this breakthrough product will be appreciated by our customers and their lawn. 

If moles, skunks, raccoons, and birds are digging in your lawn there may already be a grub infestation.  The following link provides great information provided by Sunshine Landscaping in one of our previous blogs.


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