Massachusetts Certified Horticultural Turf Pesticide License #10328

Sunshine Landscaping Company offers a full range of lawn care services designed to provide your lawn with the appropriate services at the appropriate time, ensuring the health and beauty of your lawn.

Sunshine's Turf Specialties seasonally appropriate services include:

  1. Early Spring Treatment (R1) The Early Spring service provides the required nutrients to start your lawn on the right track after a long winter season.
  2. Late Spring Treatment (R2) The Late Spring service continues to provide seasonal nutrient needs and the pest and week control as requred.
  3. Summer Treatment (R3) During the heat of summer turf requires special attention.
  4. Late Summer Treatment (R4) Treatment encourages continued rebound from summer stress.
  5. Fall Treatment (R5) The treatment improves stress tolerance to insure winter survival.

Additional Recommendations to the above Lawn Care Program:

  1. Preventative White Grub Control (GP) This preventative service to control white grubs is highly suggested for sunny lawns in the central Massachusetts area.
  2. Fungus and Disease Control Diseases often break out in late spring. Consider scheduling a preventative application to extend the rich, green look of your spring lawn. 
  3. Annual Limestone Treatment (LS) The annual treatment of limestone each spring or fall helps to bring soil pH into the proper range of 6.2-7.0.
  4. Soil Testing Our standard procedure is to test the soil every three years.


We will be glad to stop by your property to look at it and discuss your needs with you. To set up an appointment or just to ask for more information, contact us at the phone numbers and address below, click on the "Contact Us" link, or send an e-mail to

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